What a Diabetes Specialist Would Say about the Treatment of Diabetes

The stories of life changing Diabetes are many and varied. Speak to friends, family or colleagues and chances are, they will all have an acquaintance who suffers from, or has suffered in the past with the condition. It takes many forms and its effects can be slight to completely life altering. To understand Diabetes and its effects, or even better fight the condition altogether (if possible) it is important to know the symptoms and triggers.

What a Diabetes Specialist Would Say about the Treatment of Diabetes


The symptoms of type 1 and type 2 Diabetes are rather similar, which is why self diagnosis cannot determine which variant is evident. These symptoms include:

  • Increased urination (particularly at night)
  • Loss of or blurry vision
  • Slow healing of wounds and cuts
  • Thrush and other genital itching or irritation
  • Unexplained loss of weight
  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Feelings of thirst

Whilst type 1 and type 2 have the same symptoms, type 2 sufferers may not notice the above symptoms for several years, whereas type 1 sufferers will generally suffer a higher concentration of symptoms over as little as a few weeks.

The triggers for diabetes are just as varied. There are no triggers for certain sufferers; it’s an inbuilt chemical imbalance that will manifest itself either from birth or later in life regardless of diet, lifestyle or proactive action. However, for many sufferers, it’s fair to say that lifestyle and dietary choices play a very important and critical role.

For type 2 Diabetes, triggers can include:

  • Obesity and lack of physical activity
  • Smoking and heavy alcohol intake
  • Poor diet
  • An age of 45 or older
  • Asian, Chinese, African-Caribbean and black African ethnicity
  • Pregnancy

For those triggers above, the preventative measures are weight management and living a healthy lifestyle. However, following a gestational diabetes diet specially prepared for you is also essential to mitigate gestational diabetes, regardless of prior history.

‘Pre Diabetes’ is a good indicator of future problems to come, manifesting itself in the form of high blood glucose. Seeing a diabetes specialist in Perth or locally can vastly improve the chances of mitigating or preventing diabetes and related illnesses.

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