• Home Medicines Reviews
  • Home Medicines Reviews

The Home medicine Review (HMR) is designed to help people living at home get the most out of their medications regimen and prevent medication related problems.
The review involves your general practitioner and preferred community pharmacy.
An accredited consultant pharmacist (a pharmacist with special training) will visit you in your home.
They will talk through your medication regimen; this is an opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding your medications.
During the HMR the consultant pharmacist can:

  • Assist you in understanding your medications and potential adverse effects
  • Ensure appropriate use of medicines including those bought over the counter in the pharmacy or in the supermarket.
  • Demonstrate medical devices such as inhalers, insulin pens or blood glucose machines
  • Provide advice on lifestyle changes
  • Provide advice on the safe storage of your medications
  • Provide evidence based resources (written information, websites, or organisation details) to further assist self-management skills.

A report will then be written about the items discussed in the HMR and any recommendations that the consultant pharmacist would recommend. At your next appointment with your GP you can then discuss together whether you would like to take these suggestions on board.
The report is also forwarded to you preferred community pharmacy.

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