Chronic Disease including Diabetes Support

Our HealthMed Diabetes Program offers one on one consultations over twelve weeks. You have the choice of health professionals that work within our team that you feel would best help to guide and support you.

Home Medicines Reviews

The Home medicine Review (HMR) is designed to help people living at home get the most out of their medications regimen and prevent medication related problems.

Healthy Living

Wanting to make that change in lifestyle but don’t know where to start? At HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic we are here to help improve understanding of lifestyle factors that can influence health and guide you towards making choices

Nutrition support

Our onsite dietitian can help to guide you through your food choices. Nutrition surveys have proven that we are eating more food than we used to and that the food choices we make are not ideal.

Knowing that you are in good shape and healthy is reassuring and ensures you put your best foot forward in any task you choose to perform. If you’re undergoing treatment for any ailment, knowing that you’re taking the right medication for your ailment can lead to a quicker recovery and less anxiety. We at HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic are dedicated to providing relief by preventing and treating a vast range of health conditions that can severely affect and impact your life. We do this by delivering the following health services in Perth and the surrounding areas:

Diabetes Support

Most people with diabetes suffer more due to anxiety, which is fuelled by insufficient knowledge about their condition. The team at HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic will help you deal with diabetes more confidently through our range of programmes and services. We offer one on one consultations and group sessions. In our Health FOCUS group education program, we will equip you with the necessary tools and skills to effectively manage type 2 diabetes using interactive and supportive teaching methods to ensure you live life to the fullest.

Home Medicine Reviews

Effective treatment of conditions such as diabetes requires correct the diagnosis. Your neighbour’s prescription medication may not be the same as what you require for your own treatment. A Home Medicine Review can greatly assist you. We have an accredited consultant pharmacist who can visit your home to assist you in understanding your medication and its potential adverse effects, as well as a wide range of other useful information such as advice on lifestyle changes and safe storage of your medications.

Healthy Living

A change in lifestyle is sometimes necessary on the path to healthy living. We can help you make that change and maintain it until you fully achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals. We have a vast network of professionals that can help you, from experienced personal trainers to community pharmacists and nutritionists.

Nutrition Support

Part of your lifestyle change can include the improvement of your diet. Let us help you learn the right types of food you should eat based on your physical makeup and condition. Our dietitian will give you tips on the right eating regimen to incorporate into your diet.