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Alison Ilijovski BPharm, AACPA, CDE

Alison is a registered pharmacist with more than 15 years’ clinical experience; she has been involved in delivering a clinical service to various hospitals throughout Australia and the UK.

The story of HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic began in 2004 when Alison developed gestational diabetes with her first pregnancy. It was around this time that her mother was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

In 2008 Alison’s son commenced kindy which at that time was five half days a week. She saw this as an opportunity to focus on developing her clinical skills; utilising the time he spent at school to study. In November 2008 Alison became an accredited consultant pharmacist able to perform home medicine reviews (hmrs) as well as residential medication management reviews (rmmrs) for patients living within a residential facility.

A love of home medicine reviews then replaced working within the hospital environment and Alison focussed purely on hmrs within the community from 2010.

In 2009 during her third pregnancy gestational diabetes developed once more which led Alison to consider how she could further develop her pharmacy skills to incorporate diabetes education. In 2013 she completed a Certificate in Diabetes Education from Curtin University and in 2015 became a Credentialed diabetes educator.

First and foremost, Alison is a pharmacist with the main aim being optimising the safe and effective use of medicines and health services that pharmacists can offer. The more time she spent working with patients and their families she found that more questions were being asked regarding lifestyle choices. The further training, she has undergone allows Alison to offer such advice. Her aim is to build confidence so that individuals can reach their goals.

Get to Know HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic

HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic is a health service provider based in Perth that is designed to guide, support, treat and educate individuals and their families within the community. Alison has a strong belief that the best health outcomes are achieved through effective team work and good communication.

Although our services cover general health care, we specialise in diabetes treatment. Our diabetes specialist has extensive training and personal experience battling with diabetes. Offering professional advice and community support to all sufferers, it is Alison’s mission to bring awareness of the condition to the wider community to ensure people with diabetes are able to manage and effectively treat their condition with the least amount of impact on their normal way of life. A team of health care experts, Healthmed Lifestyle Clinic offers diabetes support, over the counter medications, diet and nutrition tips, pharmacy services, and even home medicine reviews. It’s no wonder more and more people are finding their way to the clinic everyday.


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