The Mission

We are committed to educating, guiding and improving self-management skills to families and members of our community. We have a range of services available to assist including diabetes support, chronic disease support and health checks to name a few.


We Provide

A family friendly and comfortable working environment with individual person centred care using a team based approach. We analyse treatment options to optimise and improve medication understanding and management.


Health Support

We are passionate about providing and promoting community focussed primary health initiatives. One of our main focus aims being on preventative health solutions for example, smoking cessation, heart health and our HealthMed SNAP program.


Qualified Team

We are passionate about promoting the integrity of allied health professionals and a collaborative approach to health care.

Latest Services  

  • Chronic Disease including Diabetes Support
    Chronic Disease including Diabetes Support

    Our HealthMed Diabetes Program offers one on one consultations over twelve weeks. You have the choice of health professionals that work within our team that you feel would best help to guide and support you.

    Home Medicines Reviews
    Home Medicines Reviews

    The Home medicine Review (HMR) is designed to help people living at home get the most out of their medications regimen and prevent medication related problems.

    Healthy Living
    Healthy Living

    Wanting to make that change in lifestyle but don’t know where to start? At HealthMed Lifestyle Clinic we are here to help improve understanding of lifestyle factors that can influence health and guide you towards making choices

    Nutrition support
    Nutrition support

    Our onsite dietitian can help to guide you through your food choices. Nutrition surveys have proven that we are eating more food than we used to and that the food choices we make are not ideal.

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